Cedar Park TX Fun: Austin Open Air Market at Cedar Park Center

Cedar Park TX: Austin Open Air Market at Cedar Park Center! Want something to do every Sunday? Free admission? And even  free parking? Come and join the fun, art, fresh produce and food at the Austin Open Air Market in Cedar Park, Texas.. at the Cedar Park Center.

What? Who? Where exactly in Cedar Park?

The Austin Open Air Market or Austin Farmers Market, Crafts Fair and Art Show is certainly not your usual “farmers market”. Not at all. For one, where else can you find an ‘all-in-one’ event here in Cedar Park TX?

All-in-one… We’re not even exaggerating! It’s the event that is (will be) going on every Sunday for the whole year – rain or shine! You can bring the whole family (kids, toddlers and teens). You may even bring your little ‘Lassie’ – pets are welcome to this event.

Austin Open Air Market in Cedar Park TX is yes, a farmers market for one, so you’ll find fresh food, fruits and vegetables – all the fresh produce Austin can produce. 🙂 There are also some ready-to-eat foods (pre-packed or cooked onsite), you’ll never ever starve. If you want to be a vendor for this event, just visit the site (AustinOpenAirMarket.com) and download the form. The space for this kind of vendor is $40.

As you know, Austin is the home for many talented artists. Well, in this event, they are showcasing their artworks (original artworks, if I may say), so you’ll have a chance to appreciate, see and be ever proud that you’re a local. You may even spot something you like – good news is if you want to buy an artwork or you’re an art collector, this is the place for you. However, if you’re one of these brilliant artists and also want your artwork to be included, you can just simply download the form online (AustinOpenAirMarket.com). Artists booth is $25.00 per space. Great deal, huh?

If you’re into all things “crafts”, then you’ll definitely appreciate what Austin artisans have to offer. You’ll see unique handmade jewelry, clothing and many more.

To top it all, Austin Open Air Market in Cedar Park features live music for everyone to enjoy. Can you believe it? Live music… and it’s F-R-E-E! And aside from this, you may also find a petting zoo, balloon animals, face painting area, pony rides and bounce house when available, and much more. As I mentioned above, this occasion is for the whole family.

Austin Open Air Market (Austin Farmers Market, Crafts Fair and Art Show) is an event every Sunday, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM – rain or shine, the fair must go on at the Cedar Park Center, Cedar Park, TX. For more information, don’t hesitate to call 512-810-8926.

See you there!

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Shrine Circus at Cedar Park Center

Shrine Circus at Cedar Park Center! Are you ready for this season’s fun? The circus is back and it’s more exciting than ever! Ben Hur Shriners, has been here for the past 63 long, fun and wild years to bring us their version of ‘Great American Circus’.

NOW SHOWING Cedar Park Center

Shrine Circus at Cedar Park Center
Dates/Times for January 13 – 16, 2012

Jan 13, 2012 Fri 7:30PM
Jan 14, 2012 Sat 11:00AM
Jan 14, 2012 Sat 3:00PM
Jan 14, 2012 Sat 7:30PM
Jan 15, 2012 Sun 2:00PM
Jan 15, 2012 Sun 6:30PM
Jan 16, 2012 Mon 12:00PM
Jan 16, 2012 Mon 4:30PM

Shrine Circus is a major fundraiser for the local shrine center. But it is more than just a fundraiser – it is their way of giving back to Austin… the chance for everyone to experience the delight of witnessing all the circus can offer.

It always aims for the best of the best.. and we won’t be disappointed when it comes to Cedar Park, TX!  They get the best performers in the world to ensure a top of the line performances. They make sure that all the things circus related are all ready. So prepare for the fun-filled, magical day with the family because Austin Shrine Circus has always been an adventure made for everyone.

To begin the show, Ringmistress Michelle Audrey will welcome us. As the Ringmistress, she will be the one to direct the whole show. You will be mesmerized, with the help of their creative and imaginative lighting, as she begins the show with such elegance.

And as they say, a circus cannot be complete without elephants. The magnificent elephants in the circus are sure to WOW you with their massive maneuvers – they are real performers, I tell you. It has been said that they are one of the intelligent creatures out there. Also, be prepared for the star of the show – ‘The Mighty Bo’. Bo is the largest amongst all the elephants in the circus. Prepare for Bo’s routine consists of more than 60 tricks – How does he do it? Well, as we all know, elephants remember almost everything.

Wait till you see the tigers – ‘Majestic Tigers & Lions – Bruno Blaszak – Rage in the Cage’. Bruno is a one-of-a-kind trainer for tigers. You’ll see. These felines are going to entertain you like you’ve never seen before.

Other notable performers for the Austin Shrine Circus in Cedar Park, are ‘The Marinof Duo’, the ‘Aerialists’, the clowns, and of course, ‘The Georgettes Magic Extravaganza’. All of these performers are great and unique in their own. You’ll not be disappointed – not a bit.

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