Celtic Thunder ~ Cedar Park Center November 14

Celtic Thunder Concert

Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park, TX

Celtic Thunder - Cedar Park | Cedar Park Center | Celtic Thunder TicketsCedar Park Event: Celtic Thunder
Where: Cedar Park Center
When: November 14, 2012

Celtic Thunder Cedar Park Tickets

About Celtic Thunder:
The tour dates are out, tickets are being sold, there’s no denying the concert buzz… it’s almost time for the Celtic Thunder tour!

You read it right, folks! Celtic Thunder is, indeed, getting ready for their North American Tour… and they are coming over… in Cedar Park! Yes, mark your calendars now! Celtic Thunder will be on tour and they are going to visit us here in Cedar Park on November 14. Overjoyed? Well, you are not alone. We are too!

Celtic Thunder… Is this the original one or the new group?

While the original Celtic Thunder band is still active, they are not the one on tour. The Celtic Thunder band we’re talking about here is the singing group sensation composed of male soloists all wonderful on their own.

Celtic Thunder: 411 please?

Celtic Thunder is a singing group that started in August 2007 in Ireland. The band’s current members are the following: Neil Byrne, George Donaldson, Emmet Cahill, Daniel Furlong, Ryan Kelly and Keith Harkin. The group’s past members are Paul Byrom and Damian McGinty. Paul Byrom, which we all love, resigned from the group to follow another, but not entirely different, path. He’s currently pursuing his solo career, and we are excited about that too. Damian McGinty, however, can be seen on the Fox hit TV show, Glee. He has a recurring role there.

As I’ve mentioned before, Celtic Thunder is a singing group but each of them can perform solo and still sound fantastic. If you don’t believe me, try YouTube-ing their videos or better yet, go ahead and check them out live on stage – you won’t be sorry, I’ll tell you now.

Celtic Thunder was able to release eight albums already. To think that they just started in 2007, they are definitely on a roll – and with very good reason. We simply want to hear more of them, so keep the albums coming guys!

The latest of these albums is titled “Voyage”. It was released on February 28 of this year. You can expect to hear more of the “Ireland musical culture” with a distinct brilliance as it showcases the more improved musical talent of this singing group.

Other albums released by Celtic Thunder are “Celtic Thunder”, “Act Two”, “Take Me Home”, “Christmas”, “It’s Entertainment!”, “Storm”, and “Heritage”.

Celtic Thunder: 2012 North American Tour

The group’s tour will start on June 27 at “Harrah’s Atlantic City Concert Venue” in Atlantic City, New Jersey and will end on December 5 at “Nokia Theatre Live” in Los Angeles, California. Lots of dates, huh? That only means more opportunities for us, Celtic Thunder fans, to see them performing live – on stage.

Celtic Thunder in Cedar Park

Celtic Thunder is scheduled to perform at Cedar Park Center. This will be really nice as Cedar Park Center is known to be a great venue for concerts. Since it is an indoor arena with 6,800 seats available, fans will really be comfortable there.

Marvelous group (Celtic Thunder) + huge, welcoming venue (Cedar Park Center) = Great concert experience! Agree with my math?

Celtic Thunder – Cedar Park Center Summary>>

Where is Celtic Thunder Live Show

Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park TX

When is Celtic Thunder Playing

November 14, 2012

Celtic Thunder will take the stage at Cedar Park Center on November 14, 2012. This is probably one show you don’t want to miss. Let us know at CedarParkEvents.com if you go!

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