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Def Leppard & Poison Concert

Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park, TX

Def Leppard & Poison Tickets Cedar Park CenterDef Leppard & Poison – Sept 4, 2012
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About Def Leppard & Poison:
Are you looking for a ‘massive fun’ this summer? Well, have you heard? Def Leppard is returning to U.S. this summer for a massive tour and the rock band, Poison, will be joining them! Very big deal, indeed!

Def Leppard & Poison: Rock of Ages Tour 2012

“Rock of Ages” is the name of Def Leppard’s summer tour which will start on the 20th of June at USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, UT, and will end on the 15th of September at Santa Barbara Bowl in California.

Want more good news? Well, they are definitely coming to Cedar Park Center, Austin, TX! Yes, it will be on September 4 … You should not miss it! We won’t!

Def Leppard 411
Def Leppard, as we all know – and dearly love, is a rock band from England. Their music can be categorized under hard rock, glam metal and heavy metal. The band was formed in 1977, and up to date, obviously, they are still playing, touring and continuously giving rock music the justice that it deserves. Probably even more.

Currently, the band’s members are Joe Elliott for lead vocals, additional keyboards and guitar, Rick Savage for backing vocals, bass guitar, and additional guitar and keyboards, Phil Collen for backing vocals and guitar, Rick Allen for backing vocals, drums and percussion, and Vivian Campbell for guitar and backing vocals.

Def Leppard has been a part of most of our lives. I mean, most of us grew up listening to their captivating songs, and was (and still is) amazed by the band members’ friendship with each other. Their performance on stage is always top notch; you’ll get pure rock music, sort of like the thing that you’ve been missing all your life. You may think that I am exaggerating or that I am a fan of Def Leppard – I am not exaggerating at all, but I admit that I am a big fan of their music. As a music lover, I know how to appreciate real, authentic music. And Def Leppard has that.

Def Leppard & Poison

As mentioned above, Def Leppard will be touring with the famous rock band, Poison. This is not the first time that this wonderful collaboration happened though. In 2009, Def Leppard also went on tour with Poison, and as Joe Elliott mentioned in an interview just recently, they did enjoy touring with Poison the first time, and they can’t see any reason why they can’t do it again.

About Poison …
Poison is one of the famous rock bands who started in the early 80s. Their music is categorized under glam metal, hard rock and heavy metal. The present members of the band are C.C. DeVille for lead guitar and backing vocals, Bret Michaels for lead vocals and occasional rhythm guitar, Rikki Rockett for backing vocals, drums and percussion, and Bobby Dall for bass, backing vocals, piano and keyboards.

Your summer will sure be super fun! Join the mix – Def Leppard with Poison, Rock of Ages Summer tour 2012! See you there! has news and info on Def Leppard & Poison – Cedar Park. No point in running all over the net trying to find concerts at Cedar Park Center or any other place at Cedar Park when we have what you’re looking for right here!

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